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11 Jul 2018

Rob Hughes

This Easter, England Carp Team Manager and BT Sport presenter Rob Hughes spent a few days down at White Acres with his family. Here’s what he had to say:

"This spring I had a really nice break, down at White Acres Holiday Park in Cornwall. Just like most of you reading this, we all lead busy lives, so fitting in everyone’s needs is a bit tricky. The compromise between a trip with the family and a spot of fishing was exactly what was needed.

White Acres is a large holiday park with something for everyone. A bar, restaurant, swimming pool, gym and entertainment area as well as loads of different things to do outside. There’s peace and tranquillity or hustle and bustle in equal measure, depending on your wishes…. and of course there is the fishing. Accommodation wise there are different types available from caravans to luxury lodges and lakeside options too. We stayed in the newer area called Nelson’s Meadow which is right by the side of Nelson’s lake; a carp and cat-fishing venue which suited me down to the ground.

The fishing was the major attraction for us, and with two kids (16 and 11) I wanted somewhere that would offer something that would suit all levels. Some carp for me and some action for the kids. There’s 13 lakes on site with a bit of everything for everyone including two lakes that have carp running to very respectable sizes. Pats Pool and Nelson's offer some great carp fishing with a good head of double-figure fish running up to mid/upper 30s. All the other lakes have a good mix of stock and are regularly used for matches and festivals. Float or feeder fishing can be very effective and it’s a brilliant place for the kids to get a bite or for you to test your match skills. They have regular festivals throughout the year if you fancy a trip away with the crew.

We spent three days there in total, and to be honest would loved to have stayed a little bit longer. It was brilliant. After checking in and seeing our lodge with the usual excitement of arriving and choosing rooms, there were plenty of "oooh’s" and "wow’s" from the kids, and lots of nods of approval from the wife. The accommodation was more than impressive. It was a contemporary lodge that had loads of wow factor for sure. We all felt a bit special living in such a wonderful place overlooking the lake with its magnificent morning views. Taking the family away to a fishing resort could always be seen to be a little bit risky. Not here. Everybody loved the place.

We spent a nice few days with a mix of nipping into Newquay, popping down to the beach, and having some great fun fishing. Just a couple of hours at the beginning and end of the day was enough time for me to travel light and catch some carp, and a couple of hours with the whips and poles on a couple of the lakes kept the kids entertained. Everyone caught. Everyone loved it.

We had some great fun and all felt we would like to go back and spend a little more time there. Making memories are what trips like this are about and we certainly did exactly that."

To see more from Rob check out Rob Hughes TV on YouTube or visit

22 May 2018

2019 Festival Dates

2019 festivals are now available to book – click the link below for the all-important dates of our big events. Call the Fisheries Team on 01726 862 519 today to secure your place.

From events specifically for young anglers to matches for the seasoned professional and a range of top brand sponsors, there’s something for everyone.

Click here to see the full list of dates and events

18 Apr 2018

Lake Updates

Our winter work has run smoothly and the lakes are all fishing well. Check out a few highlights from what’s been going on to ensure your fishing experience is the best that it can be.

Pats Pool
1,000lb of bream and skimmers plus 200lb of small roach have been nettted and removed. The lillies have been cut back and removed, the trees have been cut back and all islands have been strimmed.

Jenny’s has received new pegs plus the pathways round the lakes have been improved. Over 2,000 fish have gone into Jenny’s from our stock ponds. These range from 1lb all the way up to 8lb.

Some fantastic new sturdy pegs added on Pollawyn. Pollawyn has also seen 1,700 Ghost F1’s added.

Ditches fully cleared out plus 500lb of fish added.

We’ve also expanded the Fisheries Team for 2018 to help keep our fishery running smoothly. We now have someone totally dedicated to lake maintenance. Their role will be to keep on top of tree trimming, peg and path repairs and anything else that may need replacing throughout the year to make sure your fishing experience is both a safe and enjoyable one. We also have a new fisheries warden. Their duties will be to assist in lake maintenance, maintain lake health and safety reporting and permit checking late into the evenings. Plus they’ll be out and about on the lakes for general assistance.

14 Mar 2018

New Festival Sponsor

A huge thank you goes to Milo, the Italian fishing tackle giants, who have sponsored our early spring festival for 25 years.

UK based Dynamite Baits have now taken over the sponsorship of this festival. This exciting news means that each festival attendee at the match receives a selection of products from Dynamite Baits, who are also supplying the overall top 10 prizes.

The festival takes place w/c 23rd April 2018 and we do have some places available. The warmer weather around this event means that you can expect to see some much bigger weights.

Contact the Fisheries Team today on 01726 862 519/526 to book your place.

03 Jan 2018

What’s New?

We’re busy preparing for our 2018 season and there’s so much to tell you about. From an extensive winter maintenance plan on the lakes to our revamped Tackle Shop, brand new accommodation and a fresh new menu in the restaurant – your White Acres experience will be better than ever.

We’ve decided to bring the rules of our five main 180 angler festivals in line with each other so the Frenzee Festival is no longer a pellet-free match. We’re looking at changing our bait limit and revising some of our other festival rules too so watch this space for more information. Plus there’ll be a new sponsor for some of our smaller festivals, which will ensure the prizes are even more exciting.

As part of our pre-season maintenance we’ll be giving the lakes their usual haircut – trimming back any overhanging trees and brambles but we’ve also got lots more in progress to improve your fishing experience.

We’re investing into new pathways around the lakes to make them more accessible for you plus we’re replacing over 75 pegs and re-building most of the pegs on Jennys and Pollawyn high bank to ensure that they are both safe and enjoyable to fish.

We’ll be continuing to carry out annual netting on the lakes. This helps to assist oxygen circulation and reduce algae, which improves water quality. We’ve introduced thousands of new fish into the lakes. Our first fish stocking took place in November with 1,700 Ghost F1’s into Pollawyn and around 1,000 into Jenny’s lake – plus more to come. To help us to do this we’re working to fully utilise all four of the lakes in our fish farm. This will enable us to be self-sufficient in our fish breeding and re-stocking programmes.

30 Oct 2017

Parkdean Resorts Masters 2017

Kevin Wadge is the 2017 Parkdean Resorts Masters champion after winning the thrilling final on Jenny’s Lake at White Acres to claim the £25,000 first prize. Kevin, 41, from Spalding in Lincolnshire, drew Peg 16 on the big day – and took a massive gamble with his tactics for the match. "I looked around and realised with the calibre of the field I was fishing against, I knew I couldn’t compete with them without doing something different," he said.

With former Masters champions Des Shipp and Andy Geldart on the bank, alongside multiple finalists including Andy Power, Andy Bennett and Simon Fry, it needed something special to claim the honours in the winner-takes-all final. Kevin decided to fish paste – a mix of pellets or ground bait formed into small blobs wrapped around the hook. It’s a method which can be devastating on the day.

"There are days when paste is unbeatable – and days when it just doesn’t work at all. I knew I was taking a big gamble, which could win me the match if it paid off,’’ said engineer Kevin. The fish on Peg 16 seemed happy to feed from the start – but Kevin didn’t have things all his own way. In fact, it was Andy Power who screamed into an early lead, landing eight Jenny’s carp from Peg 11 – the peg which won Jon Whincup the Parkdean Resorts Masters last year. "I knew Andy was catching fish – but it looked like the ones on my peg were bigger. He was catching faster – but I knew if I could keep bites coming, I would overtake," added Kevin. The match – just four hours long – seemed to be going to plan for Kevin – until the last 90 minutes. "The fish just stopped feeding and disappeared. It was the longest hour and a half of my life," he said. While all went quiet on Peg 16, Des Shipp began catching on Peg 19 – and Phil Canning (Peg 14) also started to make a late charge.

Des, hoping to become the first angler ever to win a hat-trick of Parkdean Resorts titles, lost several fish in an underwater snag late on, which would ultimately stop him challenging for another win. But Phil landed three big fish in the final 20 minutes as Kevin looked on from just two pegs away. All the while, Andy Power was also catching from Peg 11. "It was agonising. I was willing my float to go under – but it just didn’t move. My only hope was that I already had enough – but I really didn’t think I’d done it," he said. Only the scales would decide – and Andy Power set the early target, recording a superb return of 79lbs 9oz. Phil Canning’s weight was 75lbs. Kevin’s first two nets of fish took him to within 17lbs of Andy….with one more net to go. "I thought there was only one fish in my third net – and knew that wouldn’t be enough," he said. But Kevin had miscounted – and there were in fact five Jenny’s carp in that last net. They took his total to 81lbs 15oz – just 2lbs 15oz more than Andy Power.

"I couldn’t believe it when I realised I’d won" beamed Kevin. "To win a title like the Parkdean Resorts Masters in a field like this is amazing."

Catch all the action, presented by Andy Ford at 9pm on BT Sport 2 on Monday 30th October.

03 Aug 2017

2018 Festival Dates

2018 festivals are now available to book – click the link below for the all-important dates of our big events. Call the Fisheries Team on 01726 862 519 today to secure your place.

From events specifically for young anglers to matches for the seasoned professional and a range of top brand sponsors, there’s something for everyone.

Click here to see the full list of dates and events

05 Jul 2017

National Fishing Month - Garbolino Week

Week Commencing 24th July

For the eighth year in a row, White Acres is supporting National Fishing Month and we’re really looking forward to having Garbolino with us again this summer.

Darren Cox from Garbolino explains that "National Fishing Month is a great concept which is designed to get anyone and everyone out fishing whether it's their first ever go or they haven't fished for a long time for whatever reason.

White Acres has a lot of anglers through its doors but it also has many who have never wet a line before but would love to have a go. The way we work on National Fishing Month means that anyone can come down and have a go with our gear and catch some fish. In fact we will almost guarantee to catch everyone a fish! We also have young and old who join us each day and fish alongside us. We can offer them advice on how best to catch on whatever styles they prefer to hone their skills on.

White Acres is the perfect venue for this kind of event as it has so many lakes full to the brim with fish. The Garbolino team will be down and rotating around the lakes closest to the Tackle Shop. England International Darren Cox, Former UK Champion Jason Lebosquet and Former Division 1 National Champion Simon Fry will all be on hand to help anyone who fancies a go at fishing."

Don’t forget - National Fishing Month events are only available by booking direct, so don’t miss out.

17 May 2017

Ben Fisk talks...

We had a chat with Angling Times magazine Tackle and Commerce Editor. Ben has been taking part in festivals at White Acres for over eight years and has been placed second in the £25k Masters final twice, so he’s a White Acres expert.

Favourite White Acres lake and why?
Definitely Trelawney. It’s now absolutely full of F1 carp from 1-4lbs, plus the older resident stock of proper mirror, common and ghost carp which run well into double figures. Every peg has an island cast and although the wind can sometimes push a lot of fish down to one end or the other, it’s a lovely lake to fish. You can catch on a pole shallow, down the edge, long on the deck and on the bomb, feeder or waggler.

Most memorable fishing experience at White Acres?
The 2013 Masters final on Jenny’s Lake. I weighed in 97lb 15oz of F1s in the four hour match but I was beaten to the £25,000 winner-takes-all prize by just 5oz by my friend Andy Leathers. Everybody wanted Andy’s swim, peg 16 in the wide bowl, as that’s where the big carp were feeding. I don’t think anybody gave me a chance on peg 8 (even I didn’t!) but I caught about 70 small F1s on the pole shallow. It took me a while to get over this but it was a very memorable day to come so close.

What do you look for in a great angling holiday?
I look for good fishing, good facilities and good accommodation in close proximity together, ideally on the same site. The right location also comes into it and although it takes me quite a while to drive to somewhere like Cornwall, it’s worth it for the scenery, the weather and the people. A decent bar is also useful, although I don’t spend as much time there as when I was younger!

What keeps you coming back to White Acres?
From a competition angler’s point of view I love the atmosphere of the festivals, especially the morning draws and the presentation night- everything is well organised and runs like clockwork. The festival lakes offer plenty of variety and no two days fishing are ever the same, one day you could be catching 100lb of carp, the next double figures of skimmers on Porth Reservoir. Although all the festivals are good weeks to be on, the Preston Innovations Festival, from which qualification is gained for the Masters, is the one which keeps me coming back. It’s a great feeling to be sat on the stage knowing that you’re fishing for £25,000 tomorrow!

What would you say to someone thinking about fishing their first festival?
Go for it. I’d recommend any budding match angler who wants to learn, to mix it with the best and ask top anglers as many questions as they can get away with after the matches. You’ll always learn more from the experts than you ever would trying to guess and work things out yourself. For a festival make sure you do all the hard work before you go. Prepare a lot more hooklengths and rigs than you think you’ll need as hard-fighting carp take their toll on your gear and it means you’ll have more time to relax when you’re on site.

What piece of equipment or product would you not be without on a trip to White Acres?
I’m going to cheat and say a couple of things. I always take plenty of groundbait because you can catch some big fish in the margins feeding it completely loose in a pole cup. I like Sonu Supercrush Expander or Dynamite Swim Stim/ Marine Halibut, mixed very damp. A meat cutter is also a must as 6mm, 7mm and 8mm meat cubes work well on most lakes. Finally, several catapults with spare elastic. Whether you’re fishing on the deck or shallow with the pole, or on the waggler or bomb, you need to keep a few pellets going in almost all the time to keep the fish interested!

Your top tip for fishing at White Acres?
Take full advantages of key times. If you’re fishing a match or festival day then by this I mean the first hour and last hour. In the first hour you’ll often get a few carp instantly, for example fishing a short pole at 5-6m or casting a feeder to an island. In the middle of the match it often goes quiet but it’s important to keep the faith and try other ways of putting fish in the net, for example going on a long pole or catching loads of silver fish. The last hour is the most important as it’s usually when the carp switch on properly, especially the bigger fish which come close in looking for food. You can really boost your catch by fishing a few sections out with meat on the bottom, or putting some groundbait down the edge. A couple of years ago I caught three carp for 35lb in the last half an hour of a festival day! If you’re pleasure fishing then why not try an evening session? You’ll be surprised how big and how many fish you’ll catch under your rod tip in the edge on lakes such as Jenny’s, Trelawney and Twin Oaks.

Pick up your copy of Angling Times every Tuesday for more from Ben Fisk

Fish Ben’s favourite lake – book your break today!

24 Apr 2017

National Fishing Month: 24th Jul – 18th Aug 2017

White Acres is proud to be celebrating National Fishing Month for the eighth year in a row. Across four weeks top brands and their sponsors will be visiting our lakes to provide expert tips and tuition.

We'll have some of the biggest names in angling on hand for free demonstrations, as well as to share their secrets and help you improve your skills. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned angler, everyone is welcome so it's the perfect time to come along with your family or bring a friend and rub shoulders with some of the UK’s top angling talent.

Join us for specialist tips, advice, plus plenty of prize giveaways.

Don’t forget - National Fishing Month events are only available by booking direct, so don’t miss out book online with us today.

Week Commencing
24th JulyView Availability
Week Commencing
31st JulyView Availability
Preston Innovations Week
Week Commencing
7th AugustView Availability
Week Commencing
14th AugustView Availability
5 Apr 2017

New for 2017 - Half Board Option

Leave the cooking and washing up to us. Take advantage of our new half board dining option and enjoy delicious meals for the duration of your holiday. From a home cooked breakfast in the morning to a delicious meal in the evening - you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll do all the hard work for you.

Our half board dining option includes breakfast and a two-course evening meal. Choose from our selection of tasty starters, such as crispy mozzarella sticks or breaded mushrooms. Followed by one of our mouth-watering mains - with options ranging from freshly battered cod & chips to sun blushed tomato gnocchi - you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Click here to download the 2017 half board menu

Per day
Per week
Breakfast only
Per day
Per week

Dining options to be booked at beginning of stay for full duration of stay. Child prices are for ages 10 and under. All members of the party must book the half board package.

13 Feb 2017

2017 Update

White Acres re-opens on Friday 17th March so we’re busy preparing for our 2017 season and we’d love you to fish with us this year! We’ve been undertaking an extensive winter maintenance plan to ensure your 2017 fishing experience is the best it can be.

We have been re-building most of the pegs on Pats Pool and tree clearing Nelsons, Canal and Sycamore lakes plus introducing some extra fish into the lakes.

Our 2016 festivals produced some tremendous results and our 2017 festivals are filling quickly, so don’t delay if you’d like to take part!

There has been a change in sponsor for the Bait Tech festival with tackle company Frenzee taking over, plus Bait Tech is joining forces with Milo to make for even bigger and better prizes in the May event and of course we have Guru sponsoring for the second year so the festivals are looking even more exciting for 2017!

17 Jan 2017

Tom Scholey: Why I Love White Acres

White Acres festival regular and editor of the UK’s only Match Fishing magazine, Tom Scholey joined us for a chat about his experiences of White Acres.

"As a mad keen match angler, the drive South to White Acres has always held a magical charm - generally signalling the start of a week’s holiday with fish and beer a-plenty!

I have now had the pleasure of working in angling journalism for the last decade, and despite travelling all over Europe through my work, the journey to White Acres still holds that same sense of anticipation for me as it did when I first travelled down as a 20 year old.

The great thing from my point of view as Editor of Match Fishing magazine, is that I know that a large percentage of my readers love White Acres too!

Not only is the park the holiday destination of choice for tens of thousands of match anglers every year, but it also provides arguably the most competitive arena of commercial match fishing too at festival time. Take the Preston Innovations Festival in October - 180 of the UK’s very best match anglers battling it out for 24 places in a final to fish for £25,000 - match fishing simply doesn’t get any more electric than that.

Given such a hotbed of talent, it is no surprise that so many of the methods that now dominate at commercials the length and breadth of the country were first perfected there, and for me that makes White Acres the perfect place to shoot features –it really is the colosseum of match fishing.

Over the years I have had the honour of photographing Steve Ringer, Des Shipp, Grant Albutt, Andy Power, Harry Billing and a host of other stars in action down there, making some great features and friends along the way. Probably my favourite feature of all came just a couple of weeks ago though, when I joined Des Shipp on the banks of Sycamore lake, and saw him put together a brilliant bag of quality White Acres silvers - look out for it in our January 2017 issue of Match Fishing.

With great facilities, amazing fishing, plus friendly and helpful staff, there is no wonder that White Acres has kept its place in the heart of so many match anglers for so long. I will be back in 2017 to take in a couple of the festivals, and give my readers their fix of all things Cornish.

Hope to see you down there, and if I do, don’t be a stranger."

For more information about Match Fishing magazine visit

To see more from Tom Scholey take a look at his personal video blog at

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